Why Novatrials?

Why Novatrials?


Large enough to meet your requirements– small enough to remain agile


Getting you to market, faster

As a medium-sized boutique CRO, our flat organizational structure ensures that we don’t get tied up in bureaucracy – so we can work quickly. Making ourselves highly available, we maintain response times that ensure your clinical trial moves forward swiftly.

Our useful experience with multiple hospitals and ethics committees allows us to select the most suitable site for your study, move efficiently through the different stages of your trial and obtain all the relevant approvals, while keeping to strict timelines.


Focused on Solutions

Using our proven systems and programs we successfully accelerate recruitment, build study awareness, network for referral sources and keep to timelines, while maintaining the highest possible standards.  We also have extensive administrative knowledge, so we know how each medical center works in terms of contracts, budget, Institutional Review Board and more, so we can avoid potential bottlenecks.


Comprehensive service

We work in multiple therapeutic areas with the largest global pharmaceutical companies, startups and everything in between. Our full range of research services covers all the bases, from start to finish.

  • Pharmaceutical studies - we carry out testing, from phase I to IV, for large, well-known global companies and new startups at the beginning of their journey.
  • Medical devices - we accompany leading medical device companies through feasibility studies (first in human), pivotal studies and PMS (post marketing surveillance).
  • Combination - drawing on expertise from the worlds of medical devices and pharmaceuticals, we have extensive experience in clinical research and regulatory services for drug-device combination products.
  • Advanced therapies - our team has clinical experience in advanced therapies such as Cell Therapy (CAR T-Cells)
  • Compliance – we have a deep understanding of local and international requirements and guidelines for any kind of investigational product.


Your trusted partner

Our service is first and foremost characterized by our dedication to our clients. Working closely with them on their most important projects, we become their trusted partner, building long-term relationships characterized by a high level of repeat business.

Personalized and professional, we design tailor-made studies to take into account your specific requirements and focus on solving possible future challenges. We manage all aspects of the clinical research, carrying out extensive source data verification and monitoring, so you can completely rely on the research results.

Because we treat your clinical trials as our own, we are motivated to succeed. Our commitment to delivering your study within the defined scope, timeline and budget, is second to none.


Lower costs, superior quality

We offer different business models and pricing options to suit your budget, without compromising on quality. Because of our size, we are able to keep our overheads low, and we’re happy to pass the savings on to you. Our well-established portfolio of successful site audits by different regulatory authorities (including the FDA) is testament to the fact that this beneficial price structure comes at no cost to our quality of work. Furthermore, because our team of CRAs undergoes ongoing professional training and quarterly GCP testing, you can be confident that we are absolutely up to date in all aspects of best practice for research.